New Brides Have Been Going Nuts Because Of This New Invention. THIS Is Brilliant!



souA bride’s wedding day is supposed to be the one day of her life when everything goes her way; now, at this point I’m sure anyone who’s ever helped put a wedding together will know just how hard it is to make that dream a reality.

 Even with a smaller ceremony there’s a million and one things that could easily go wrong, and then you’ve got an upset bride on your hands.
We can’t offer fixes to all of life’s little problems, but at least we understand that going to the bathroom is nearly impossible by yourself in a wedding dress. That’s where this nifty little invention comes along: known as the Bridal Buddy, you wear it as a slip under your dress and it works like a little basket, keeping everything tucked away so you can… handle business. I think the most surprising part of the Bridal Buddy is that no one has ever thought to make it before!