Nervous Guy Drops Engagement Ring, Then Crowd Ignores The Game To Help Him Find It


I imagine that when a guy decides he is going to propose to his partner he is pretty nervous. I mean, it’s such a huge thing isn’t it? The timing needs to be perfect, the place needs to be perfect and the mood needs to be well, yet again, perfect. Oh, and she needs to say yes – of course!

Andrew Fox thought he had the perfect proposal planned for his beloved girlfriend, Heather. She was a huge baseball fan and he decided he would take her to a game and pop the question in front of thousands in the crowd.

What could go wrong? Their would be a buzz of excitement in the air, Heather would be in a great mood and this would make the baseball score irrelevant if her favourite team lost, she would still be going home with a huge smile on her face.


But then something did go wrong, horribly wrong in fact. You won’t believe what Andrew did.

Andrew was all set to make his big proposal and pop the question to Heather. Things were running smoothly so far and cameras even caught him proposing! The  announcers put the magical moment up on the Jumbotron.

Heather looked surprised and delighted, just as Andrew anticipated, but then it seems the nerves got to him and he did the worst thing ever— he dropped the engagement ring into the bleachers. Oops!

“Oh, look at this poor guy,” Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay said. The crowd went silent and everything got a little awkward as the couple and other fans tried to find the ring on the floor.

Anyone who knows how scary it is to propose, and how long it takes to save up for a special ring, knows how upset Andrew would have been. They searched for five long  minutes in hope the ring was still lying around.2

Then finally, as if by magic, Andrew found the ring hidden in his jacket on the seat and everything was back on track.

Andrew finished the proposal, but did Heather say yes? Or was she too embarrassed to go ahead after the blunder on live TV!

Of course Heather said YES!

“Definitely not the way I planned it up. I thought it was just gonna be a simple kneel down and pop it out and ask her, but it instantly just dropped out,” she told the YES Network. “I was so scared I started to cry.”“I was scared, too,” Andrew said. “I didn’t know what to think. It was all a shock, it came so quickly. I felt really bad. It was good that we found it.”Watch the awkward yet beautiful proposal for yourself in the clip below – you need to see it!

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