Mothers From All Over The US Donate Breast Milk To Fallen Officer’s Baby


few weeks ago, two Palm Springs police officers made the news when they were killed in the line of duty.

Both officers left behind family members and loved ones who depended on them and loved them.

Even more tragic, though, was when it quickly became known that one of the officers, a rookie cop named Lesley Zerebny, was a young mother who had a baby of four months waiting for her back home.


Zerebny’s daughter Cora will grow up without her mother in her life. However, social media quickly banded together to make sure that despite the circumstances and tough road ahead of her, Cora would not be going without the basics now that her mother was gone.

A woman named Ashley, who is a mother herself, organized a campaign to gather breast milk for the baby girl.


Nursing mothers from all around banded together to donate breast milk to the Zerebny family, donating more than enough to help the little girl slowly transition from breastmilk to formula over the next few weeks. c

The donations will all be tested before they are administered, but it is just so heartwarming to hear about a community coming together to support this baby girl amidst the life altering tragedy she is facing. d

Thoughtful acts like this can only come from a community who realizes the spirit of giving and caring for their own.