Mother Is Banned From Breastfeeding In A Maternity Store During National Breastfeeding Week


Now more than ever, women are standing up for their right to breastfeed in public. Stories continually make the news about breastfeeding women being mistreated, and these women are taking a stand. Clare Shaw is one of these mothers, and she has spoken out about her experience in The Mirror.

Clare has an adorable 5-month-old daughter named Elsa. While the pair were out shopping in London one day, Elsa began to cry because she was hungry. Not thinking anything of it, Clare prepared to breastfeed her daughter at Mothercare, a maternity store. However, a store employee took issue with Clare’s actions. The staff member told Clare to stop and tried to have her go into a back room to breastfeed.

The mother was understandably unhappy about what happened. “I felt really upset and vulnerable,” Clare said. “I thought perhaps I was breaking a rule or a law. I felt as if I was being banned from breastfeeding, in Mothercare of all places. I ended up feeding Elsa in the car.”

Clare said the store employee told her that women had complained about breastfeeding mothers in the store in the past.1

“I’ve fed Elsa in museums, restaurants, cafés and shopping centers and usually no one bats an eyelid,” said Clare. According to the 2010 Equality Act, it is illegal for a firm to discriminate against a woman that is breastfeeding. The kicker is that this incident took place during National Breastfeeding Week!


Mothercare issued an apology to Clare, stating that mothers are allowed to nurse anywhere on the premises and that they also “provide ­comfortable feeding ­facilities.” They explained, “As our Edmonton store is being refurbished and there are building workers on the premises, we suggested our customer may be more comfortable using the feeding facilities.”


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