Mom’s Kids Are Fully Grown. But She Keeps A Baby Cradle On Her Front Porch For A SHOCKING Reason!


Catherine Lucre is a nurse and midwife in Sydney, Australia. She knew firsthand that new moms who are unable to care for their children on their own do not know of all of the resources available to them.

Catherine was sickened by the fact that terms like, “buried in a sand dune,” “left in a drainage ditch,” and “stuffed in a shopping bag” were being used to describe places where troubled moms actually left their babies. Obviously, the outcomes were tragic in these types of situations.

Lucre vowed to do something about the situation. Her desire to push for “Safe Havens” or “Baby Boxes” at hospitals is a growing initiative. The idea is to allow troubled moms with nowhere else to turn an option to do what is beneficial for their little one.

The cases in which mothers abandon their babies may be the result of mental illness, a necessity to keep the pregnancy secret or a lack of awareness concerning the possible options. She wants these moms to contact her if they feel hopeless, scared or don’t know what to do.

Catherine even keeps a bassinet outside of her door for babies to be dropped off. She’s prepared in this situation to take the child to the hospital, notify police and the Department of Social Services, all under the blanket of anonymity. Lucre is also willing to travel to the mom’s house to pick up the infant if that’s what it takes.

She has become a local hero for her push for Safe Havens and “Baby Boxes.” The boxes are meant to be left at hospitals and would allow someone to drop off the baby and not fear repercussions. The goal would be to focus on averting another tragedy. It’s unfathomable to think of hurting a child in this way. Lucre is one nurse in Australia, along with a community of others like her, who never want to hear about this type of tragedy again. Catherine Lucre and Operation Safe Haven are doing whatever they need to do to help.