Mom Writes Brutally Honest Post On Facebook On Why Having A C-Section Is Not “The Easy Way Out”


Childbirth is beautiful. Yet, childbirth is very difficult.

Without question, the process of having a newborn human exit another human’s body is extremely tough. It is tough physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ask any mother who’s given birth before.

To get into specifics, there are alternative ways of giving birth. One alternative method, which seems to be the toughest, is an emergency c-section. It’s a difficult and unnatural process, and in this article, one mother speaks up about her experiences of an emergency c-section.

Some people have commented across social media forums, expressing their false opinions about emergency c-sections. They claim that it is the “easy way out” of giving birth. Raye Lee, a mother who had undergone multiple emergency c-sections, chose to write about her experiences.

“This was the most painful thing I’ve experienced in my entire life,” says Raye.

During her hours of labor, her newborn son had gone into distress, and every contraction she had was stopping his heartbeat. Doctors decided it was best to have an emergency c-section, in which they cut open her stomach to remove her newborn. Afterwards, Raye was stitched up, and had an enormous cut along her lower stomach. She chose to share those photos in her post.


Raye goes on to talk about her experiences after giving birth by an emergency c-section. “This was not pleasant. It still isn’t,” she says. And although she had to deal with tremendous amounts of pain during and after giving birth, she says the process is worth it for her son. “I would honestly go through this every single day just to make sure I am able to see his (my son’s) smiling face.”


Her post is brutally honest, and a great eye-opener for all those who question the toughness a woman must endure during labor, let alone an emergency c-section. Her post aims to make the point that as women, we should not be in constant comparison with one another over little things. We are strong, and through all the adversity we face, we must compliment and complement one another, not compare and contrast.

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