Mom Walks Into Her House To Find A Burglar. Now Watch When Her Daughter Shows Up…


When convicted burglar Marty Mark Childs decided to rob the home of Rebecca Larson and her daughter Melissa Hickman, he should have thought twice. Rebecca was outside washing her car, her daughter was asleep, and the backdoor was unlocked. Marty must’ve thought the purse on the kitchen table was an easy grab, but there was nothing easy about what happened next.

“What the hell are you doing in my home?” Rebecca said. She began to wrestle with the burglar. He pushed her in an attempt to get away, but Rebecca shut the door. She wanted to keep the perpetrator inside. That’s when she called her daughter Melissa and shouted, “Get your gun.” Melissa grabbed her bright pink Taurus 9mm handgun. Rebecca pinned Marty down on the ground as Melissa kept her gun pointed at him until police arrived. They didn’t hurt the intruder; they merely showed him that this mother-and-daughter duo weren’t going to take it.

Marty had nine prior felony convictions and had only been out of prison a few weeks. Rebecca and Melissa were happy to send him back. “This is our home, we worked hard… you know what, if he wants stuff like this, he needs to get a job and get it. No one is going to come into her house and be an intruder and just take what they feel they want,” Rebecca said.

Sometimes it takes a mother and daughter to show a big tough guy that crime doesn’t pay.