Mom Snaps Pic Of Girls Praying Over Meal, Can’t Get Over Response It Gets Online


A photo of three girls has got people on the Internet feeling hopeful for the future. The photo, which has been shared thousands of times on Facebook according to Fox 17, shows Oriana, Grace and Alexis seated at a table. The girls are holding hands and praying before they dive into a what appears to be breakfast. What makes the photo remarkable is that two of the little girls are black and one is white.

Ruth Andrew took the photo. She is the biological mother of two of the little girls and step mom to the other little girl, Fox 17 reported. Andrew said the girls always pray over their meals. She said that usually a parent is there leading the prayer, but on this occasion the girls were praying by themselves, so she decided to take the popular photo.

“That’s something that we have taught them to do, but we were always there to do it with them,” Andrew said to Fox 17. “But to see them do it themselves and they’re holding hands, it was like a precious moment that I was like ‘Okay, we need to capture this.'”1Andrew told Fox 17 that the reason people probably like the photo is because it succinctly captures what a world without prejudice could look like.

“There is a lot of color dividing, there is just a lot of negative things going on and I think this post is just showing that if kids can do it, we can do it,” Andrew said to Fox 17.2Source