Mom Sees Old Man Staring At Her Daughter In Walmart, Knows There’s ‘Something Special’ About Him


Katy Sursa has a beautiful little girl called Emma. Emma was born with Down syndrome as well as a hole in her heart.

Katy cherished her daughter and did everything she could to make sure she lived a happy life.


Thanks to doctors and the amazing technology we are fortunate enough to have, the hole in Emma’s heart was fully repaired and today, she is happier than ever.

Emma loved going out with her mom and when they were out doing the grocery shopping at Walmart she was in a very happy mood.

She really was a beautiful, happy little toddler and whilst shopping that day, an elderly man noticed Emma and told Katie how beautiful she was. That’s not all he said, either. It turns out he had his own special story to share and he thought Katie and Emma should hear it.

The man told them a story about his own daughter, a little girl named Cindy who died in 1964.

Katie was overwhelmed by the mans story and took to Facebook to share it with the world…


It turns out that the old man’s own daughter was born with Down syndrome and a hole in her heart too, just like Emma.

In the 1960’s, we didn’t have modern technology, and  his little girl didn’t survive, but spending time with Emma made him feel like he had her back just for one moment. After he walked away, Katie realized she didn’t even know the mans name, so she created a plea to find him.


At the end of her post, she asked that all of her friends help her track tis kind man down as she was desperate to find him and speak to him again.


She added a photo of Emma, just in case anyone who knew the man’s daughter sees the similarities between them.


Although Katie hasn’t found the mystery man yet, there is still time and she still has hope! News stations are now bringing attention to the story in hopes that it will help locate Cindy’s dad.