Mom Noticed Black Dots In Her Baby’s Nose. Little Did She Know A Common Household Item Was To Blame


Apparently you don’t have to even own a chimney to deal with soot problems, and it turns out it can come from one of the most common household items there are.

Meghan Budden, a mother from New Jersey, discovered this information the hard way as her newborn baby had been showing little black spots right up each nostril. Initially she attempted to expunge the black particles with a regular cleaning, but they stuck right where they were. No matter what she tried afterwards those little black spots just wouldn’t go away, so she got packed up and took her child to the local hospital.

As it turns out, many scented candles aren’t meant to be burned for long stretches of time, and when they do they can create a whole mess of soot particles in the air! Not just that, but not even all candles are safe for use in your home in the first place; why does it seem like everything we enjoy is out to kill us sometimes?

Taking care of your health and your child’s health is something every parent is striving to do, it’s just difficult when companies are allowed to sell things that are legitimately bad for us. You can’t be around your kids 24/7, but you can at least make sure your home is the one place they KNOW is safe.

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