Mom Driving Home From Car Dealership Sees Something ORANGE In Her Rear View Mirror. Seconds Later, It’s GONE


A Georgia mom was forced to spend two long days with a terrifying snake slithering around her van because nobody could find it.

“So we were on our way to South Carolina for Spring break and our transmission went out on the side of the highway,” Julie Weber told Fox 5 Atlanta, adding that the van spent four weeks at the dealership. “It was horrible.”

Weber finally got the chance to pick up her van on Monday, but a bright orange snake skin she found sitting on the passenger seat left her totally confused.

“I knew what it was. I have three sons. I’m a Cub Scout leader.  I immediately go back in and say, ‘What’s up with the snake skin? Well, we saw that and thought it belonged to you,’” she recalled.

Knowing her family didn’t have a snake at home, Weber and a few of the dealership employees searched the entire van, but found absolutely nothing.

To her shock and horror, Weber did end up meeting the mysterious snake about 25 miles into her drive back home.

“I see out of the corner of my eye against the black interior a bright orange snake. It’s making its way between the seat and the passenger side of the door,” she explained.


Immediately, Weber pulled over, sprang out of the car, and called 911 for help.

“I’m getting braver while I am waiting and I look under the seat and I don’t see it anywhere and that’s when I started to cry because I thought someone is going to show up. We can’t find the snake and they can’t get the snake,” she wrote on Facebook while waiting for an officer.

And that’s exactly what happened. Weber and the responding officer searched the entire van and came up with nothing.

It wasn’t until Weber pulled into her driveway that the non-venomous corn snake made another appearance—in the air vent!

Although she enlisted the help of a neighbor, Weber couldn’t pull the snake out of the car and it remained inside for yet another day.

Finally, two days after the snake first popped up, it was Daniel Brant, a school bus driver, who managed to get rid of the snake for the family.