Mom Becomes Grandmother AND Step-Mother After Discovering Her Daughter’s Dark Secret.


A mom in the UK has finally made peace with her family after he husband got her own daughter pregnant. Keep reading for the full story!

A mom in the UK has opened up about making peace with her family after her husband left her for her own daughter.

When 47-year-old Julie King first met 41-year-old Vince Bienvenu, she thought she’d finally found the love of her life.

It wasn’t until King discovered that her new husband had gotten her daughter, 25-year-old Leanne Taylor, pregnant that she finally learned about the affair.

While most people would have expected King to leave her husband immediately, she was determined to be a devoted wife, grandmother, and now step-mother.

According to The Daily Mail, Taylor admits that she doesn’t even feel bad for destroying her mother’s marriage, since she was grieving for the loss of her child at the time of the affair.

Although Taylor and Bienvenu both willingly began the affair, King believes her husband is more to blame than her daughter.

“They were both to blame. He preyed on my daughter. He’s a player and even before this happened, he’d been cheating on me with someone on Facebook who he told me was ‘just a friend,’” she said. “I don’t blame Leanne for breaking up my marriage. I blame Vince. Leanne is my daughter and I’ll always love her, no matter what.”

Ultimately, King did decide to file from divorce from Bienvenu, but she has fully reconciled with her daughter and is now helping her raise her 18-month-old granddaughter.