Meet The Unbelievably Strong Grandma Who Can Bench Press More Than You Can..


Need some motivation to go to the gym? Well look no further than Willie Murphy, a 77-year-old grandmother from Rochester, N.Y., who also can probably outlift you. She can do one-handed pull-ups and push-ups, as well as deadlift 215 pounds even though she only weighs 105 lbs. Murphy is an inspiring, self-taught bodybuilder who has made her mark on the world of powerlifting.

A few years back, Murphy was at her local YMCA and noticed a sign about a weightlifting competition. So she started off slow, with five pound weights before ultimately getting serious and entering competitions herself. Last week Murphy’s hard work paid off when she was named the 2014 Natural Powerlifter of the year. Murphy’s strength has given her abilities you wouldn’t normally see in seniors. She’s able to carry her own grocery bags, she can lift her grandkids, and she can push her own car when it breaks down.

This physical activity helps her lead a healthier lifestyle, which studies have shown not only reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, but also cognitive decline — and she sure seems mentally fit.