Meet The Wiener Dog Minions! When They Run Through The Hall? I Can’t Stop Laughing


04023040234020340If you want a wholly innocent and adorable distraction from the ills of the world then look no further. This quick and sweet video has everything needed to raise a smile. Puppies? Check. Minion costumes? Check. Tail wagging? Check. Watch it and enjoy the simple feelings of ease and relaxation that are naturally brought out by cute furry Dachshunds scampering about.

In case you need a refresher on who minions are check out this video before you watch the Wiener dog minions:

The two puppies long bodies look like they’ve transformed into precious little minion characters with the help of some nifty costumes. The pair bark excitedly and turn in circles with their tails wagging feverishly the whole time. A game of fetch sends the dynamic duo scurrying down the hall after a red ball, with the costumes bobbing right along with them. The whole scene makes me want to adopt a puppy of my own to cuddle and play with. But for now I’ll stick to cooing over other people’s videos of their adorable fur babies. Check out the puppy minions below.