Matt Lauer Filled Ellen’s Car With Thousands Of Ping Pong Balls As Sweet Revenge

Matt Lauer is having a ball pranking Ellen. Well, thousands of balls.

Ellen has been pranking the Today Show cast — especially Matt Lauer — for quite some time. This week, Lauer finally pranked her back, filling her car with thousands of ping pong balls while she was shooting her show.

The best part of this is seeing a legitimately surprised Ellen wading through a flood of ping pong balls. The worst part is then hearing Lauer stifle his own laughter to say “You have to admit, it took a lot of balls to pull off this prank.” He had obviously been sitting on this terrible joke for weeks and was SO excited to say it.

Ellen promised to get Lauer back, so we should be able to expect some more pranks — and possibly bad jokes from Lauer — coming soon. Personally, I’m hoping that he just goes literal, fills Ellen’s car with bull testicles, and says “It took a lot of testicles to pull this prank.”