Man Who Wrote Rude Note To Veteran Sees Her Facebook Post And Apologizes


It’s easy to make snap judgments about people, and it’s something we’re all guilty of. However, that doesn’t make it right, and more often than not, our quick judgments turn out to be wrong.

This was the case for one Navy veteran who was criticized for parking in a veteran parking spot after a man thought that she was non-military.

Rebecca Landis Hayes served in the Navy for 8 years, and as a veteran, she was perfectly within her rights to park in a veteran parking spot at Harris Teeter grocery store.

However, one person who saw her park in that space assumed that she wasn’t a veteran, and was simply taking advantage of the spot.

The man left a handwritten note on her windshield that read, “This parking is for Veterans, lady. Learn to read & have some respect.”


When Rebecca returned to her car and found the note, she was upset by it, and even started to cry. She decided to post a photo of the note to Facebook to vent her frustration about being stereotyped against for being a woman. “I’m sorry that you can’t see my eight years of service in the United States Navy,” she wrote. “’I’m sorry that your narrow misogynistic world view can’t conceive of the fact that there are female Veterans.”


It turns out, the man who wrote the original note actually saw her Facebook post about it, and he decided to sincerely apologize for his mistake. In another handwritten note, he apologized directly to her. “I’m sorry you were the one who got the result of that angry moment. I know it was a mistake and I’m glad I saw your post,” he wrote.


Rebecca appreciated the apology. “To me, this means a lot, that somebody did admit their mistake,” she wrote on Facebook.


“In today’s world people make assumptions a lot. Just to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ especially if sincere, always goes a long way.” We’re glad the situation got cleared up!