Man Watching Toddler Accidentally Butt-Dials Mom. Then She Hears Him SCREAMING…



A man in Mississippi was arrested on felony child abuse charges after he accidentally butt-dialed the mother of the child he was hurting, ensuring he was caught in the act.

According to Sun Herald, the unnamed child was visiting the home of John Elias Taylor III when the abuse happened.

As police Capt. Marty Griffin explained, Taylor accidentally sat on his cell phone and butt-dialed the child’s mother while watching him.

When the mother picked up her phone, she reportedly heard her toddler begging the 27-year-old not to whip him.

According to Sun Herald, the toddler’s mother immediately called police and raced back home to check on her son.

“He had some bruising in places he shouldn’t have had it,” Griffin said.

After the mother told authorities what she’d heard and showed them the bruises on her son’s body, Taylor was swiftly arrested and thrown in jail.

As of Sunday, Taylor was in Harrison County Jail, held on a $50,000 bond set by Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain, according to Sun Herald.