Man Hurries Past Girl On A Bench, But Something in His Gut Tells Him to Turn Around…



He hurries past a woman with a concerned look on her face. Glancing in the direction of her stare he notices a young girl crying. Another look forward and the woman is gone.

Feeling unsettled by the woman’s disappearance, he slows. His eyes dart around again — still no sign of her. Sighing, he turns around and hesitantly walks back to the girl.

“Are you ok?”

She lets out a barely audible sniffle.

The man sits down and glances at his watch.

“Are your parents here?”

The girl shakes her head.

“Are you lost?”

She shakes her head again.

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

She’s silent for a few moments.

“My best friend is going to a concert with our other friends and my mom isn’t letting me go. It’s not fair.”


“Oh yeah?” He relaxes. He could handle this.

“She says I’m not “ready” to be doing that kind of “stuff.” She says in a few years, but everybody else’s mom is letting them go!”

“Sometimes life isn’t fair kid.”

“I think I hate her.”

“Your mom?”


“She’s trying to do what’s best for you. Betting she knows you better than anybody in this world and knows exactly when you’ll be ready… You might not see it now… But it’s true.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, yeah I do.”

“I don’t know… Maybe… I better go. She’ll be worried sick. I came here because she never finds me here.”

He smiles, suddenly understanding who he had seen.

As she walks away, the man remembers why he’s here in in the first place. He gets up and walks over to his destination.

Face to face with her headstone his eyes brim with tears. He places the flowers he’s been holding gently into the secured vase.