Mama Husky Playing With Her Puppies Is Guaranteed To Make Your Face Melt Into A Useless Pile Of Swooning Tears…


Need something to brighten up your day? Time for your morning dose of cuteness overload! You think this mother husky isn’t tired? Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how physically and emotionally draining it is to be a dog mom? This Husky mom knows how to keep her family entertained.



She must be wonder-mom! Not only does she feed and clean her pack of adorable pups, she entertains them as well. We see how this beautiful mom got back into shape post-babies. Her pups enthusiastically scamper about on the hard wood floors, slipping and sliding. Mom, meanwhile, makes a quick dash around her pack of pups and hops back up to the safety of the couch.

Mom’s still got it!


OMG, I want them! That little hop! I can’t even handle it. And I love how the mama is almost transformed into a puppy herself… while it also seems like she is trying to teach them something important.