Make These Delicious Grapefruit Sorbet Slices For A Springtime Snack!


Spring and sorbet go together like strawberries and cream!

Sorbet is such a delicious dessert. It can be enjoyed as a treat at lunch get-togethers and parties.

No need to serve sorbet in a bowl though, just follow this simple recipe for sorbet finger food!

What You’ll Need:

  • Grapefruit, cut in half
  • Sorbet
  • Clingfilm


What You’ll Do:

Start by cutting a grapefruit in half. Then carefully scrape out the fruit part of the grapefruit taking care not to damage the skin. Don’t waste the grapefruit though, use it in another dish or for breakfast.

Scoop the sorbet into the hollowed-out grapefruit half. You can use a single flavor or mix up flavors for extra taste and visual effects. Even the top of the sorbet out so it comes up level with the edge of the grapefruit skin but doesn’t go over. Once it is flattened out, cover the grapefruit in cling film. Place the grapefruit in the freezer until frozen.

Once frozen, take the cling film off and turn the grapefruit over so it is face down on a cutting surface. Then with a very sharp knife cut the upturned grapefruit into slices. We would recommend relatively thin slices to allow for easy eating and to make sure the slice of sorbet is consumed before it starts melting.

The finishing touch is to serve these grapefruit sorbet slices on a bowl of ice cubes. They are not a dish to leave on the counter though, so walking around the room and handing them to people is probably the best way to present them.

They taste amazing but they need to be eaten relatively quickly before they start to melt. Once they start melting they’re hard to handle and drip everywhere!

That said, they are definitely worth the effort and are unique!