Kids Start Throwing Snowballs At This Cop. How He Retaliates? Epic!



Meet police officer J.D. Boyd, who is not your average cop.  He happens to be a social media master and he is always keeping his Facebook profile updated.  First he warned the community that Brookside Drive is as slippery as a skating rink.  Then he posted a picture of himself from Edmund Street holding a ticket that he would be writing if anyone decides to speed.  Then on Tuesday, the snow began to come down hard and he asked his Facebook audience if he could borrow someone’s sled to answer calls.  This escalated quickly when he challenged the community to a snowball fight.

That’s when things start to get exciting.  Five snowball fighters showed up for the first round then around ten showed up for the second round.  Boyd was hit with numerous snowballs and definitely lost the battle.  Boyd is definitely an awesome cop.  Enjoy the video below!