It Looks Like A Normal Wedding Cake, But When The Music Starts My Jaw Dropped


Many little girls dream of their fairytale wedding for as long as they can remember. They have grown up on the enchanting Disney fairy tales such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, that promote the idea of being saved by Prince Charming and living happily ever after. However, unrealistic these fantasies maybe, there is still something alluring about the Disney magic.

While many women grow out of the fantasies evoked by Disney, one woman was determined to hold on to the magical world and incorporate into her wedding day. We get to witness a small portion of this Disney magic in this video of her wedding cake.

Watch as her gorgeous white cake is brought to Disney life through the technique of projection mapping. Tinker Bell was able to sprinkle her magic fairy dust turning the cake into a virtual disney fantasy. It is so entrancing to watch, that I truly needed to watch it again. It will certainly be a spectacle no one at this wedding will ever forget. Watching this will add just the needed pleasure you need for your day. Enjoy!