If You Pee On The Walls In This German Town, They’ll Pee Right Back On You


St. Pauli is a neighborhood in Hamburg, Germany where folks go to have a good time. And when folks have a good time (AKA get drunk), they tend to pee as a result.

Unfortunately for the party-goers of St. Pauli, not everyone is there to get drunk and pee on things. People actually live there, and they are annoyed with the amount of urine that covers the place they call home.

So the residents came together and decided to take matters into their own hands, and the solution to their problem is pure brilliance.


It’s really the perfect revenge. Imagine these drunk dudes trying to keep partying after they’re covered in their own urine?

And so we say good luck to the residents of St. Pauli with Operation Peeback Time! May your walls stay repellant and your noses stay un-distressed by the smell of urine.