If You Love KFC, Then You NEED To See This Recipe — Who Knew It Was So Easy!


Kentucky Fried Chicken – there’s nothing quite like it! Perfectly crispy chicken, savory green beans and potato skins with just the right amount of seasoning. When my family orders the Colonel’s Dinner, we almost always opt for the tangy coleslaw to get some veggies on our plates.

But what if I told you, your family could have the finger-lickin’ coleslaw right in your own kitchen? We found a copycat recipe on YouTube, and it might be better than the original!

The creative cook from Crouton Crackerjacks concocted the homemade KFC coleslaw recipe and we can’t enough!

With freshly chopped cabbage, carrots and his original sauce, this recipe is too easy to pass up.

Even if you don’t plan on having fried chicken for dinner, this coleslaw pairs superbly with your favorite BBQ-flavored steak or oven-baked chicken!

Follow along with the video below to see the simple instructions!