I Never Imagined Pouring A Cup Of Water Into A Cake Was Capable Of This! Amazing Stuff!



Seeing a recipe like this is what I last expected. But once you see the end results after this cake is “watered” down with this technique, you won’t doubt its functionality!

We always want the “hot fudge cakes” we prepare to be fudgy and gooey. Though that’s expected, I never thought achieving that by completely pouring water into its top was possible. With the use of butter, sugar, flour and other easily available products, following this pretty simple recipe is more than possible. The end result boggled my mind once I sent my eyes on it.

For those who like looking for new things which are easy to implement and do not require complicated ingredients, this is another one for them. I happen to be one of them and can’t wait to try this one out! I’m pretty sure chocolate lovers are going to fall in love with this!