His Dad Abducted Him At Three. Years Later Mom Stumbles Upon A Picture That Went Missing With Him…


Meet Hope Holland and her son, Jonathan. They have an interesting story.1
When Jonathan was only 3 years old, his father kidnapped him from his San Francisco home and fled to Mexico.
2Hope told a local news station, KGO, that she will never forget that day:

“His dad was going on vacation and had permission to take him. It was a normal day. I didn’t think he was not coming back.

I was suicidal. I was pretty much done. I had no reason to believe I was finding my son.”

Everything changed last year when Jonathan decided to post some old pictures to Facebook, hoping that either his mother or older brother would see them.
3In January, while browsing through Facebook, Hope came across Jonathan’s picture. Hope told NBC Bay Area:

“I’m happy he wanted to know me.”

After months of constant contact, the two were finally able to meet last week after Jonathan crossed into San Diego via Tijuana, Mexico.
4Now, Hope’s outlook has completely changed, elated that she has finally found and reconnected with her long lost son:

“Ever since I found him, my whole world, my whole outlook and direction changed.

I’m so happy and it’s a miracle and I never thought this would ever come so it’s happy — extremely happy!”

The long road to finding Jonathan wasn’t easy according to Hope, who said that child abduction services wouldn’t help her:

“No support, zilch. Zero, including no financial support, no reunification support, but also, reluctance, resistance to giving me the documentation that I needed just to get my son across the border.”

Jonathan is finishing his final year of high school in Mexico, but as an American citizen, he plans to split his time between San Francisco and Mexico.
5To pay for the travel and the reunification process, Hope says she used all her savings. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the mother and son.