He’s Just Pulling A Picture From The Frame, But The Circumstances Are Astounding

Simon Pierro is a magician who works with a very specific medium: iPads. He has been interested in magic since he was young, but it was a specific event that pushed him to try it himself. He grew up in Germany, and when he moved to New York he was tricked out of his only $20 bill by a street magician. This spurred him to invent his own sleight-of-hand tricks.
He went to school and got a degree in business administration and engineering. This may seem odd considering what he does now, but the experience has given him an advantage when it comes to entertaining at corporate events. It has also helped him in regard to incorporating technology into his acts. He is “the world’s foremost iPad magician” and is the first person to create special apps specifically for his illusions. It is particularly interesting to see how he combines his tech illusions with physical objects. He does it here in this clip from The Ellen Show, and has also managed to shoot an Angry Bird out of an iPad – which impressed the game’s developer so much that he named Simon “the official magician of Angry Birds.”
He has become an amazing magician and was even awarded Magician of the Year by the Magic Circle of Germany in 2002. That accomplishment was followed by becoming the German champion in the World Championships of Magic. Next, in 2004 he beat out everyone in the Siegfried and Roy competition in Las Vegas. Throughout his career, he has also made appearances on numerous TV shows, including The Ellen Show.
Check him out and see what you think of his specific brand of magic!