He Wears a Money Suit and Offers People Free Money. Now Watch How People On The Street React


Coby Persin is known for his compelling social experiments that offer insight on how some humans think. With this experiment, he dresses in a suit with money attached to it while walking through the streets of New York City. The purpose of the experiment is to see whether people would only grab what they really need.

Coby was surprised to see a man in a business suit and a couple of women with designer handbags greedily take bills off his suit. The man carrying a suitcase stopped the young man and picked off few dollars. Coby asks, “You really need this money? It doesn’t look like you need this?”

He responds, “I don’t need it, but it’s free. Who wouldn’t take it?”

Most of the pedestrians stopped to pick some dollars off the suit of Coby even though they really did not need it. There was one woman with a Louis Vuitton purse stopped Coby and plucked $18 dollars to pay for her nail appointment the following day. Others made mention to the fact that they did not need but took it anyway.

Then he was approached by a homeless man. He asked Coby if he can take some money. Surprisingly, the homeless person took just $2 “to get some food,” telling Coby to give the rest to the other people in need. Moved by the contentment of the homeless person, Coby gave him $60 dollars so that he and his dog could buy food for a few days.

Eye-opening! What would you do if you came across Coby with his money suit?