He Was Killed In A Car Accident. What The Cop Does Next? Unbelievable.


Amidst all the hateful news out there today, here’s one story with a bittersweet twist to a heartbreaking tragedy:

17-year-old Patrick Sullivan died in a car crash on New Year’s Day. The town of Rockland, MA was devastated, as he was loved by his family and many friends.

After his wake, 22 of Sullivan’s friends went to a local restaurant for something to eat. When they finished and asked for the check, they were surprised to find they didn’t have to pay it. A Rockland police officer had picked up the $400 tab and didn’t leave his name.

The officer was Sgt. Greg Pigeon, but he wants no recognition for his amazing act of kindness. He went to the same high school as Patrick when he was a teen and was deeply affected by Patrick’s death. What he did for Patrick’s loved ones is enough to restore your faith in humanity.