He Squirts Jam Into Sliced Apple Wedges. Why? This Is PERFECT For Halloween!


Plenty of Halloween snack and treat ideas are making their rounds on the internet right now.

And while so many of those recipes make great use of sweets — such as the one for these delectably cute cat cookies — personally, I’m on the lookout for a healthy twist for my snacks. That’s why I absolutely love to use my favorite fruit of all time: apples.

In our exclusive video below, we show you how to make the spookiest, most adorable apple treats for Halloween. All you’ll need to make some of these for yourself is a couple of apples, some jam, some peanut butter, and almond slivers.

To make one set of teeth, first slice the end sides of an apple, then cut those halves into quarters. Carve out the center of those quarters, and spread jam and peanut butter into the wedges.

Afterward, stick almond slivers into the wedges to imitate the look of teeth. And, voilà! There you have it.

Watch the video below to see just how easily you can make these yourself! Feel free to share the pictures of your version of apple teeth with us.