He Records 3 Men Breaking Into A Car. When The Camera Zooms Out, I Realized The Terrifying Truth


Three quick-thinking passersby jumped in to rescue a New York man whose SUV flipped over after a scary crash.

Tony Chan lost control of his vehicle on Saturday morning after “driving in reverse at a high speed” on a Queens road, according to news reports. The driver’s vehicle hit two cars and then flipped over leaving Chan trapped inside. A while later, the car began to smoke, making several bystanders afraid that an explosion might occur.

“I heard a big noise,” one bystander, Ping Xie, told reporters. “We were thinking maybe the car would explode, so I worried about that. Then, finally, the smoke [went down].”

Xie also recorded the moment the three Good Samaritans came to Chan’s rescue, similarly to the Florida residents who saved two neighbors from a frightening house fire.

The video shows the men working together to break the windshield and pull the injured man out. They are seen forcefully kicking and peeling back the window to make enough room to slide him out. Fortunately, the driver (seen at the :57 mark) only suffered a minor head injury.

“Thank God that no one was hurt seriously,” a Facebook user wrote under ABC 7′s coverage of the crash. “Thank God that they helped the driver.”