He Covers A Pot In Foil And Puts It On The Stove. The Reason Why? Genius!


This video contains a variety of life hacks to help out in the kitchen. Some of the hacks in this video are well-known, such as leaving a wooden spoon over boiling water to keep it from spilling over. A few of the tricks featured here are surprising and new, such as the idea of using a pot wrapped in foil to iron your clothes.

When we first watched this video, a small factoid completely blew our minds. At around the 1-minute mark, the narrater of the video states, “surprisingly, hot water freezes quicker than cold.” This simply didn’t make sense to us, so we did some research. While it seems backwards, it turns out warm water does in fact freeze faster than cold water. This phenomenon is referred to as the Mpemba Effect, and its causes aren’t entirely well-defined. But if you’re curious (and have 2 sets of ice cube trays), feel free to try it!
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