Girl Thanks McDonald’s Employee For Being Kind To Her Autistic Brother


When you have a loved one with autism, it’s not always easy to find people who are kind and understanding.That’s why it’s refreshing to meet strangers who are patient and sweet.

One girl in the UK was so touched by the kindness a McDonald’s employee showed her autistic brother Alex that she wrote a Facebook post expressing her gratitude.

Alex Deyes first met McDonald’s employee Aled Griffith the day before, when he went to the restaurant with his caretaker.

“The carer told us how Aled had encouraged Alex to order his own food and find the right money to hand over without rushing him,” said Alex’s sister Katie.

She and her brother went back to McDonald’s the next day, and Katie was blown away by how thoughtful Aled was.


“Aled remembered that my brother didn’t drink out of the bottle for his fruit shoot and offered me an empty cup without me having to ask,” said Katie. “He then came over to our table and offered to swap Alex’s happy meal toy as he had given him the same one the previous evening. My brother loves collecting these toys so getting an extra, new one, was really exciting for him.”


It turns out, 20-year-old Aled was only in his second week of work at McDonald’s, and yet, he already displayed some truly wonderful customer service skills.


Katie was touched, so she wrote a post on Facebook detailing the experience and thanking Aled.


“I felt he deserved a mention and a massive thank you,” Katie wrote. She also wrote that she hopes Aled sees the post, and since it ended up going viral, he did!


When interviewed, he said, “To me it’s something I would have just done anyway so I’ve been a bit taken aback by all the fuss.”


He also added, “I’d love to get to know [Alex] outside work and if Katie ever needs help I’m here.” How sweet is that?

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