Genius Russian Boys Turn Their Apartment Into Indoor Swimming Pool..


THIS is either the best idea ever or the worst idea ever. When the temperatures reached 93 degrees in Moscow this week, a couple of teenagers decided to run with an epic idea of cooling themselves down. They transformed their living room into an indoor swimming pool. They covered the floors with polyethylene film and filled their living room with water. However, there are some definite questions raised by the creation of this makeshift swimming pool. First of all, where are these kids’ parents? Did they get permission from the landlord and neighbors to do this? How the hell are they going to get rid off all that water when the time comes?

SERIOUSLY. Take a look:



Temperatures soared to an usually high 36C, so the kids were left with no other choice (obviously). They lined the floors and walls with polyethylene film, taped it up and got out the hose…


It’s not known whether they had permission for the project, but let’s be serious about it… OF COURSE THEY DIDN’T!


Success!  Then they uploaded a bunch of pics of their feat to Russian social media, but don’t worry. They weren’t dumb enough to include their names or address. So smart!


The lads posted the photos on Russian social networks, but didn’t reveal quite how they planned to get the water back out again!


Nor did they mention whether any of them got busted for it!


Still, it’s pretty enterprising. We hope they got away with it. We also hope they didn’t split the film at all when swimming about…



This one seems like it could go real bad real quick. But, in the meantime, let’s let these boys of summer enjoy their fun in their homemade indoor pool. Go ahead, try this for yourselves!

(Don’t try this at home, it could result in serious damage and possible death.)