Funny Grandson Keeps The Laughs Coming By Filming A Day Out With His Grandmother


We all enjoy time with our grandmothers as loving family members, but do you consider yours a friend? Our grandparents have had plenty of friends in their lifetime to fully understand patience and appreciation, so that when their silly grandchildren come into their lives, they sometime surprise us with how well they get along!

This is a sneak peak into the friendship of one of the funniest duos we’ve ever seen! Grandson, Kevin, and his fun-loving grandmother spend a morning together out on the town. Luckily,  Kevin captured their quality time on video!

One of many hilarious moments is when Kevin declares he has a stuffy nose. Grandma looks over, concerned, before she realizes he only has his sweater tie stuffed in his nostrils.

Grandma doesn’t seem concerned by any of Kevin’s silly stories. Not that his best friend, Miley Cyrus, was in the hospital from breaking her leg twerking. Not that he might have gotten a girl pregnant. It was his stuffy -well, stuffed- nose that had her most concerned, proving just how much she loves her grandson! They share a laugh and we can’t help but laugh along with them. They have a pretty cute relationship.

She may think mailboxes are people and drive on the wrong side of the road, but this is one cool grandma!

Is your grandmother anything like Kevin’s?

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