This Is The Most Fantastic Case Of Justice EVER. Suck It, Bank Of America!




Score one for the little guy.

In the tough economy people were losing their homes to the banks right and left as they were foreclosed on.

It seemed everyone was under the hills of the big banks and their outrageous mortgages, until one man stood up to them—and won. Sweet, poetic justice was the result.

In 2011, a couple received foreclosure papers on their home from Bank of America.

The funny thing was, they didn’t owe a dime on it and managed to pay cash for it when they originally bought it. They took the bank to court with proof that they never had a mortgage bill to pay.

After judgment went to the side of the plaintiffs, calls and letters to the bank requesting the legal fees went unanswered.

The couple’s attorney flipped the tables and did exactly what they bank wrongfully attempted—they foreclosed on the bank. They showed up to the bank with movers and a Sheriff’s deputy and wouldn’t allow the bank manager in until they signed over a check.