Fake Army Officer Gets Called Out For Stolen Valor And Shamed On Film.


In what is becoming a disturbing trend, another army faker has been busted at the airport! This time it’s the turn of Michael Cipriani.

On 21st February 2015, a Veteran started a conversation by thanking the LT for his service, then started telling him about videos online of people stealing valour and pretending to be Veterans.

You can tell at this point Michael is beginning to get nervous, the Vet then begins to question the brassard on his left shoulder, he first calls the EOD Brassard his combat patch. He begins to pretend to ignore the Veteran asking him questions about his patches.

The vet tears holes in all of the impersonators BS. And we’re glad he did. What kind of a person fakes being a war hero? It’s not on…



Bizarrely, despite flashing his ID, Cipriani has since claimed that it wasn’t him at all, hmm. He said:


Not sure that’s gonna stick Michael…



You have some serious issues if you need to fake being in the service just for attention/discounts. But maybe he is telling the truth. What do you think?