Everyone Said His Cats Were Evil. What He Does? I’m Dying!!!


Cats usually get a bad reputation for being sassy, moody, and downright cold, but behind their steely gaze is usually a sweetheart who just wants to be loved.

The problem with cats is that they’re always beingcompared to dogs. Puppies are basicallytiny cuddle machines who crave constant attention, while cats are way less needy.  However, as you can see in this next video, cats have a lot of love to give, too!

This adorable video comes to us from “Cole and Marmalade” of YouTube, and it features their owner showing exactly how these two kitties prove their love – and it couldn’t be any sweeter.

These lovable felines aren’t as cold-hearted as people make them out to be. These two turned out to be just the opposite…and they can’t stop giving kisses!

Cat lovers! Do you kiss your kitties every day like this guy, or are your pets super shy?