Donald Trump Cold Calls Madea And Gets The Roasting Of His Life!


We already told you about all the controversy from the second Presidential debate that went down last night. And it was all very tense. But there were some lighter moments aboutDonald Trump on television yesterday evening. Where? On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy had Tyler Perry on. And Perry’s ‘friend’ Madea, of course…

A tough elderly black lady, Tyler Perry’s wildly successful Mabel “Madea” Simmonscharacter gets cold called by Trump at home. He’s canvassing her for her vote.

“What is your biggest concern this election?” Trump asks at one point. “You, you’re my biggest concern this election,” Madea replies. “I think you should build a wall. You should have a tall wall in a circle around Trump Towers so that I can lock your a** up.”


This is just too funny, you’re gonna love this whether you’re already a Tyler Perry/Madea fan or not. And Jimmy’s Trump faces are a thing of beauty to behold too… Enjoy!