Did You Know The Song That Topped The Charts Fifty Years Ago? Check It Out!


The song which became the top fifty years back had been released in 1964. The following year, in February, the song became a hit until early March. I know most people remember this song called “My Girl.” It was produced by the Ronald White and Smokey Robinson. This song was written by The Temptations and is featured in many films, as it is one of Motown’s greatest hits. It is the best example of the soulful and smooth music of the 1960s and it appears in the top one hundred songs in music history.

The lead singer is David Ruffin. Ruffin was not the group’s leader, but the song’s composer knew that if he wrote the song and gave it to the David, the song would be a hit and their group would gain fame automatically. He also gave The Temptations permission to create their own vocal harmonies.

You really need to watch this performance…