Dad Sits Down With His Baby Girl And Conducts A Hilarious Interview..


You’ve got to give it to this dad for his great sense of humor. His name is La Guardia Cross, a Miami native with many different talents and a brand new baby girl named Amalah. Cross uploaded the video below in December 2014 when Amalah was just six weeks old. He begins the video by explaining that he’s going to be interviewing an infant because there’s no better way to get answers about babies other than by simply asking one. Amalah is nothing but adorable in this video; her goofy dad adds the perfect commentary to her precious facial expressions.

According to Cross’ bio, he works in a number of different areas. From rapping to public speaking, to graphic design and acting, Cross has a variety of skills that he’s been putting to use for years. His newest trade is learning how to be a good dad to Amalah. This video is a part of Cross’ new series, “New Father Chronicles.” He uploads the episodes every Wednesday to his YouTube channel, La Guardia Cross.
Little Amalah is going to have quite the childhood growing up with a dad like Cross. We couldn’t stop laughing when we watched this at the SF Globe office. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments section after you’re done watching.