Dad Hilariously Pokes Fun At Daughter’s Selfies


Did you ever get embarrassed by your parents as a teen? It’s an unfortunate part of life that we try to move past as quickly as possible, and most of the time, the moments of mockery are fairly innocent. However, we suppose, some parents are just plain better at it than others.

Take a look at these posts by father, comedian and podcaster, Chris “Burr” Martin of photographs he made to poke a little fun at his teenage daughter, Cassie.

The “selfie” craze has been tried and tested by everyone from girls to boys to our own grandmothers, and Martin is no exception.

After seeing his daughter’s sexy selfies posted all over social media, he decided to do something about it. Rather than simply protest or outlaw the pictures, this funny man decided instead to play a little dress up.

He grabbed a Sharpie marker and some tiny clothes, and Martin began to emulate his daughter’s bold tattoos and personal style.


Drawing the fake ink across his chest, arms and belly, Martin took to the camera like a moth to a flame.


In the most widely-known picture, now boasting over 15,000 shares, this loving father wears a white tank top and an ethereal wreath of green ivy around his head, mimicking his daughter’s SnapChat filter. He tops the whole thing off with her signature kissy face.


Apparently, Cassie was not too big a fan of the pictures, and posted back saying, “My father harasses me on social media.”


That didn’t stop this posing padre, as the pictures kept rolling in. In some, he rocked printed pants and a duck face, in others, he sported a crop top and a tight flannel shirt, and once, he even tried his hand at doing a dramatic cat eye.



While we understand Cassie’s momentary mortification, we can’t help but think this dad has made his point with unique flair.


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