Dad Films Crazy Movement In His Wife’s Pregnant Belly


When a baby needs to move around, that’s exactly what he’s going to do, regardless of if he’s still confined to his mother’s womb. Many of us have had the opportunity to feel a baby kick. That might be firsthand knowledge from having carried the baby ourselves, or from touching a woman’s stomach when the baby is flailing about. The stomach looks as if it’s pulsating, which is an unusual observation, but it’s a positive sign that the baby is growing and developing properly. This video moves way beyond a simple kick here and there. Wait until you see what these parents caught on video.

While the mother was lying on the couch enjoying a movie with her husband, the baby decided to rotate around. You can literally see the shape of a tiny leg appear in her stomach. Her skin was fully stretched as the baby moved his legs back and forth. At one point it looked like the baby had even flipped upside down. It was clear from the woman’s groan that this wasn’t the most comfortable sensation she had experienced. How can you be comfortable when your skin is being stretched in numerous directions and a moving child is pressing against your organs?

We applaud this mother for patiently waiting for the baby to find a comfortable position. How she didn’t grab her stomach to attempt to keep the baby still is amazing. This video proves that pregnancy is not easy. Women are forced to endure rapid changes to their bodies to house their offspring. It can be painful and extremely uncomfortable as the baby continues to grow and takes up more space in the mother’s body.

We bet this mother couldn’t wait to give birth to her very active child. These parents are bound to have their hands full once their baby is born.