Dad And Son Create The Cutest Batman And Robin Pictures


Being able to find a good gift on Mother’s Day or even Father’s Day can be a challenge.

Thank God there are creative ways to make your loved ones feel appreciated on those special days. Roxanne Daly from Wisconsin decided to do something special and fun for her husband Mike.

Rather than just getting him the same old gifts that he usually gets she decided to think outside the box and do something spectacular. She thought that doing a photoshoot with him being Batman and Son being Robin would be genius. And it is!

When the photographer, Eric Thiele talks about his experience with the couple he says,

When Roxanne came to me with the idea of doing a surprise Batman and Robin photo shoot for her husband for Father’s Day, I knew I hit the jackpot of customer awesome-ness.

He was right about that because now his photos are all over Facebook and it only cost $50 and 45 minutes of their time.

Check them out and shout out your comments below.

She was thinking of a unique gift for Mike her husband for Father’s Day.


That’s when she called Eric Thiele, a local photographer, to help do a photo shoot.


Mike was in the dark on the whole idea and just knew that they were going out for a “family day.”


Mike got to be Batman and Finn their son was Robin.


Here is little Finn after a day’s worth of saving mommy!


As soon as the photos went on Facebook they went viral.


So if you need a good Father’s Day idea this is one that will top everything else. After all the day ends well!