Curious Cat Sneaks Up On The Dog. Seconds Later? I Shouldn’t Laugh But Can’t Help It!


Sometimes even the most well thought-out plans don’t unfold the way you’d expect — especially for these curious cats.

Cats are undeniably the internet’s favorite animal, mostly because of their funny antics, so our pals at BuzzFeed compiled a hilarious video featuring cats getting into some mischief. As any cat lover knows, these felines do what they want to do and nothing will stop them from getting into trouble with their goofy antics.

In 20 Cats Who Regret Everything, several cats learn some tough life lessons about curiosity. From ending up in the most unexpected places to getting a humbling lesson about gravity, these funny cats will have you laughing out loud.

At one point, one “meanie” cat tries to sneak up on the unsuspecting family dog. Of course, things don’t go quite as planned for the kitty and, in the end, karma wins.

There’s no denying it — this video is so hilarious that you’ll likely be watching it on repeat. Get ready to laugh at these feisty little felines. I personally love cats, especially my little Emma, and this video reminded me so much of the funny situations she gets into from time to time. Seriously, you can’t help but laugh at these funny pets.