Cupcake Shop Owner Gets Huge Influx Of Customers After Rescuing A Kidnapped 3 Year-Old…


After rescuing a young kidnapping victim, Salt Lake City cupcake shop owner Leslie Fiet has been overwhelmed with new customers.


Fiet recognized a black SUV parked in front of her shop featured in an “Amber Alert” description that was sent to her phone. Fiet recovered 3 year-old Bella Martinez through the vehicle’s open window, brought the girl into her shop and called 911.

Since the rescue, customers have been pouring in to thank Fiet and support her business. This past Thursday, so many customers showed up that two of Fiet’s friends took the day off from their jobs to help serve customers and work the register.



“It’s totally serendipitous,” Fiet told Deseret News. “I think it’s good karma. We had such a … storm of stuff happening over the last month that my faith in people being nice was completely down the tubes. To see this overwhelming response from people has been crazy.”