Criminal Thought He Got Away, But Watch Who Emerges Out Of The Back Seat Of The Car.


Police dogs are driven professionals who love to serve and protect. Just like their human counterparts they go through extensive training and learn proper techniques and procedures needed for safely enforcing the law. K9 training starts early in life when rookie dogs receive hands on lessons in apprehension and take down skills.

An adorable video of Taz, a fourteen week old K9, aptly demonstrates some of this early training. In this lesson he is learning how to apprehend a fleeing suspect who refuses to stop or listen to his fellow officer’s demands. When the cruiser stops the back door opens and Taz comes flying out, barking excitedly, and running full speed towards the criminal. The suspect puts out a hand to block the dog, and instead of guarding himself, he gets taken down. Taz latches onto the man’s forearm and knocks him off balance. They struggle on the ground as the K9 wriggles around and continues to bear down on the suspect’s arm. He looks like a Tasmanian devil the way he quickly moves while biting and growling. Only when the officer tells Taz to let go does he stop. The young police dog shows a lot of heart and will certainly grow into a real force to be reckoned with.

In fact, Taz has grown into a full time police service dog. Nowadays he is called Ace and he works for the Simi Valley Police Department in California. He is putting all his training to good use and clearly passed all the tests and requirements asked of a dog when they are signed up to a police force. He may have even received his new name because he ‘aced’ them. Whatever the case, he was certainly the cutest little rookie trainee I have ever seen.