Couple Adopts 2 Girls, Then Wakes Up To Find Hate Graffiti Spray-Painted All Over Their House


It’s shocking to think that in our 21st century-modern day society, there are people out there who still struggle to accept anyone different to themselves. Whether it be the color of their skin, a physical or mental disability, or simply their religion. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of people nowadays are extremely accepting, but it’s the minority of people that are an exception to this rule.

The Hollis family lived in a  small town in Central Illinois, parents Todd and Anne had two biological sons and had adopted two girls from Ukraine, Meg and Alina. Both of their daughters suffer from downs syndrome.1

One morning last April, Todd, who works as a teacher and football coach at the local high school backed the family car out of the garage to take the kids to school, as he does every weekday morning. As the garage door came down in front of them they came face-to-face with the horror that had occurred the previous night.

Both the garage and the cars had been spray painted with terrible phrases like “Retards” and “Get out of here”. Todd could not believe his eyes and tried to quickly lower the garage so his kids couldn’t see what had happened.


However it was too late and the two boys had already seen the graffiti. Anne said that they were very scared and asked a lot of questions. They wanted to know what the word “retard” meant and why people didn’t like their sisters.


The Hollis Boys, ages 6 and 7, decided they wanted to make a difference, they wanted to ask the public to stop using the word “retard”. They asked Mom and Dad if they would help them, and they happily obliged.

What happened to the family was truly heartbreaking and no family should ever have to go through that. However at least something positive has come out of it and these boys have set a wonderful example for children and adults alike.

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