Cop Sees Boy Wandering Streets With Teddy Bear, Discovers He’s Trying To Sell It


Officer Steve Dunham received a call about a young boy wandering on his own in Franklin, Ohio. What he found instead was a boy forced to make a very unusual and difficult decision about his own comfort and survival for a child of a young age.

“It broke my heart,” Dunham said of discovering that boy decided to sacrifice his toy by selling it for food money. Dunham bought the hungry boy food and took him back to the police station. Upon investigation, the police found the boy and other children lived in a neglectful home environment.

According to the Toledo Blade, the children were placed with relatives while the parents face child endangerment charges. Dunham’s follow-through may have saved the enterprising seven-year-old and the other children of the house from further starvation and neglect.

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