Construction Worker Finds A 73-Year-Old Letter To Santa. Now Look Who Wrote It, UNBELIEVABLE!


Construction worker Lewis Shaw was in the middle of remodeling a house when he accidentally uncovered a small piece of paper. He was pulling apart the old chimney, when he found what turned out to be a letter stuffed inside, hidden away for over 70 years, Lewis was utterly astounded at how well-preserved the piece of parchment was.

The writing was as clear as day, and when he saw what the little boy was asking for Christmas, he knew that times have really changed. The little boy was asking for some pretty modest gifts; “a Rupert annual, drum box of chalks, soldiers and Indians, slippers, silk tie, pencil box, and any little toys that Santa has to spare!” It seemed that this little boy knew what the real “reason for the season” actually was!

Lewis took a photo of the letter and posted on his Facebook how selfish children seem to be these days. Asking for expensive electronic toys like iPhones and iPads, begging their parents to overspend on their Visa credit cards!

Lewis figured that the letter had to be incredibly old, but he couldn’t be sure because there wasn’t a date on it. Then he decided to investigate to see if that little boy was still alive. Through an online campaign they finally managed to find 79-year-old David Haylock, who, when he read the letter, immediately recognized his own handwriting.

Lewis and his friends got enough money together to buy those gifts that David asked for so many years ago. And though Santa Claus was a bit slow, at least he finally managed to get David what he asked for!